Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Best CV Format

There are many different types of CV available so you may be confused as to which CV will best present your profile, skills, qualifications and work experience. Before just writing down the information, you should research the types or formats of Curriculum Vitae that will present you and your career information in the best possible way in order to achieve an effective CV – one that gets you chosen for interviews.

There are mainly six different CV formats: the Chronological CV, the Performance CV, the Functional CV, the Targeted CV, the Alternative CV and the Universal CV. There are other names and of similar variations of the same, such as the hybrid CV, the Comprehensive CV and the Brief CV.

The Chronological CV is one that lists your education, work history, experience, etc in reverse order of the events. This is the most used Curriculum Vitae; however, it may not be the best CV to use for your situation. If you have just graduated from college for example, you may not possess a list of job specific specialised training, work history, or professional experience. This may be the ideal type of CV for a person that has performed well in his or her career and has plenty of information to add in a chronological manner.

The Performance CV is similar to the chronological CV, you can however, add achievements with the information provided in chronological order such as awards and information of the school, company, and a person to contact. This format is great for those with job experience of which to display a company in their work history.

The Functional CV the focus is on your career functions – i.e. an expansion on your skills performed. This format is often used for individuals / managers that are seeking a position in a different field. This CV type is also good for those for trades or technical employees employed on various short term contracts.

The Targeted CV focuses on the vacancy that you desire within a company. With this CV type, you only list education and work history that is relevant to the specific job position. This format is used by people that have been employed in various fields, but wish to focus on one job area or specific job vacancy.

The Alternative CV is one that is often used for creative people and positions. An individual can be a more flamboyant and add more personality to their Curriculum Vitae. This type is used by people that want to focus and advertise themselves rather than their achievements.

The Universal CV can be a mix of all of the above. If you are confused about which CV to use this is the safest one to present to prospective employers. Choosing this format is usually the best way to get the attention you deserve if you are writing your own CV. This CV will display the pertinent information you need in order to be chosen for an interview.

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